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August 2010

When legalese is not enough

The Washington State Attorney General’s office has entered into a consent decree with Intelius to settle allegations of deceptive marketing tactics relating to post transaction marketing. The consent decree involves a $1.3 million payment by Intelius, and Intelius’ submitting to a series of permanent injunctions restricting its advertising practices. “Intelius chose cash over candor” Attorney [...]

The Cassandra Complex

First off – apologies. This isn’t the opening chapter to a Robert Ludlum novel, nor a tribute to the (apparently) legendary Euro-goth band. One of my close friends runs a mountain guiding business. He recently spent a week’s well-earned vacation in Mexico, where he took surfing lessons. One of his conclusions was that it was [...]

Software licensing fundamentals

We do a lot of software licensing transactions. This article addresses two fundamental areas of software licensing legal practice that I think often get missed, but which can be critical to getting the deal right. A.     Revenue recognition. How revenue is recognized on a software licensing transaction is plainly an accounting issue (as [...]